Visit beautiful Fort Worth real estate at the Botanic Garden.If you’re looking for inspiration for the yard at your Fort Worth real estate, plan a visit to the Fort Worth Botanic Garden. This little oasis of tranquility will quiet your mind and give you many ideas for plants, shrubs, and flowers to plant. Go to the Native Texas Boardwalk to see both native and invasive species and learn how they interact. See the lovely native plants in the Water Conservation Garden and get inspired to save water while enjoying your garden. The Backyard Vegetable Garden is a working garden, with many beds growing fresh veggies. Classes for kids and families are often held in this garden. Check out the calendar to see when the next class on growing veggies at Fort Worth homes is scheduled.

Find Native Plants and Take Classes to Improve Gardens at Fort Worth Homes

The Four Seasons Garden is perfect to visit any time during the year. It has been planted so that something is always blooming and green. The Japanese Garden is also a lovely spot to visit for a feeling of tranquility and peace. While admission to most of the Botanic Garden is free, admission to the Japanese Garden is $7.

There is so much happening at the Botanic Garden. Fort Worth real estate owners look forward to the concerts in the garden each June. Plan to come to a public tour of the Japanese Garden or reserve a spot at the next tea ceremony. Kids can learn a lot about nature in the Little Sprouts classes. The Botanic Garden also partners with local organizations to offer hands-on gardening, plant identification, and field observation classes for adults.

The Fort Worth Botanic Garden is open Monday through Sunday from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Plan a visit today!